Q. Will you deliver anywhere in the UK?
A. Yes, we will.  We also have distributors across the UK including the Channel Islands.

Q. What makes the Gridforce system ‘unique and revolutionary’?
A. The Gridforce system’s unique combination of engineered design, robust interlock and manufacture in low density polyethylene, enables it, in conjunction with a suitable stone sub base, to perform under heavy traffic without damage or displacement.  We can advise on the correct choice of paver for your particular application.

Q. Is Gridforce made from recycled plastic?
A. Yes, all 5 pavers are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and are recyleable. 

Q. Do I always have to lay Gridforce on a full stone base?
A. Not necessarily, if your site is firm and free draining, then a stone base may not be required.  Contact us for advice on your scheme.

Q. What material should I infill the paver cells with?
A. Customers usually fill the cells with either soil and seed or stone.  If a stone finish is required, use a free draining angular stone, nominal size 14mm.

Q. Is it acceptable to overfill the paver cells to hide the plastic?
A. That depends. If a grass finish is required then all paver cell tops must be visible, otherwise grass cover will be compromised.  It is acceptable to overfill where a stone finish is required, but brushing all stone into the pavers will give a neater and more manageable finish.

Q. What sort of base is Gridforce laid on?
A. M.O.T. type 1 is often used in sub base construction but it is not free draining and is not suitable.  Type 3 (formerly M.O.T. Type 1X) is widely available and is satisfactory.  Above the base stone a bedding/drainage layer is installed.  This will either be sharp sand (where cells are to be filled with stone) or 60:40 rootzone (where grass finish is required).

Q. What is rootzone?
A. Rootzone is a mixture of sharp sand and top soil, and is widely available. Mixing of rootzone on site is not advisable.

Q. How can I ensure the best grass finish for my area of Gridforce?
A. Paver cells can be filled with 60:40 root zone or ‘clean friable’ topsoil.  However, blended loam will give the best results.  Because it gives much better coverage than root zone, blended loam is not significantly more expensive per m2 of paver.

Q. Do you give design and installation advice?
A. Yes we do and we can also arrange visits to discuss individual schemes.

Q. Do you offer an installation service?
A. Yes, we have fully accredit installation teams, operating across the  U.K.   We handle the full range of installations from house drives through to heavily used commercial and industrial areas.

Q. Can I use Gridforce pavers on a steep slope?
A. Yes, but bear in mind that the maximum gradient where wheelchairs are in use should be 1:12.  Except on very steep slopes, pinning of Gridforce pavers is not required.

Q. Can I get Gridforce quickly?
A. We can normally deliver from stock within 1-3 working days.

Q. Are edge restraints required with Gridforce?
A. Not necessarily, Gridforce’s robust lug and slot interlocking connection often means that edge restraints are not necessary.  Where they are required, pinned tanalised timber boards are usually sufficient.  Please contact us for advice if you are unsure.

Q. How do I know which Gridforce paver is suitable for my application?
A. Please refer to our products usage guide contained within this site and also in our brochure.  Compressive strength expressed in tonnes per m2 is relevant, but not the whole story.  Large commercial vehicles and coaches may dislodge pavers whilst manoeuvring and so it is important to take care when selecting a paver for this type of loading.  The combination of 5 options within the Gridforce range means that we have at least 1 paver suitable for every application.

Q. Is Gridforce the same as ‘Grasscrete’?
A. Like ‘Hoover’ for vacuum cleaner, ‘Grasscrete’ has become an all embracing term for ground reinforcing pavers, such as Gridforce, whether they be made from plastic or concrete.  These types of products are variously known as plastic grasscrete, grass pavers, plastic grid pavers, permeable paving, cellular paving and many others.

Q. Is Gridforce suitable for emergency fire access roads?
A. Yes but you may need to increase the depth of the sub base – we can advise on this.

Q. What are your payment methods?
A.BACS transfer
Company debit card
Company credit card
Cheque – goods only released when funds have cleared
30 day account form request.

Q. What are your opening hours?

We are open 8.00am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday.